Crafting Success, Crafting Rewards

Dive into perpetual freedom with our self-ordering module, where shared revenue means Pindot pays you for your success!

Essential features for your core business are forever free. Want to boost earnings? Let us showcase partners’ ads and share the revenue with you.

Set up in minutes with our state-of-the-art system for increased orders, and ad revenue.
The Food and Beverage module pairs seamlessly with the Reservation and Booking module, creating the perfect synergy to enhance efficiency and eliminate no-shows. This combination also includes the ability to accept secure pre-payments for added convenience.

Prefer ad-free branding? Unlock advanced features—clear, effective, and rewarding.

Why Pindot Food and Beverage?

We’re the Swiss Army Knife for success, with every tool you need. Meticulously crafted, tested, and validated by experts.

A solution by professionals, for professionals.

Earn more with transparency. Showcase partners’ ads, and we’ll share the revenue.

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Unlock the Power of FREE Features for Your Business!

Empower your restaurant with Pindot’s Food and Beverage module – a suite of powerful features designed to optimize your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your revenue effortlessly

Ad Revenue Sharing

Maximize earnings effortlessly. Pindot manages partner ads on your platform, sharing the revenue with you. Your business thrives while Pindot takes care of all the details.

Attraction Amplified

Our reservation module is your magnet for more visitors—online or walk-ins. Brace yourself for a surge in footfall!

Menu Redefined

Craft a bespoke digital menu that's as unique as your establishment. Take the reins, create, and manage it independently for a dining experience tailored just for you.

Branded Brilliance

Shine with a customized appearance that mirrors your corporate identity—your logo and brand colors, making every interaction uniquely yours.

Scan, Order, Reorder, Delight

No more waiting with our hybrid service! Enable self-ordering in a zone of your establishment and in another zone allow the standard service by your staff. Simultaneously!

Queue No More

Bid farewell to queues and empower your guests with digital self-service. Orders via QR codes, timely notifications—a unique, guest-controlled experience.

Take Away Supremacy

Your personal webshop is a click away! Accept pre-orders for quick pickups. Stay in control, whether planned or spontaneous. Pindot F&B empowers you to serve promptly.

Delivery Mastery

Delight guests at their doorstep! Seamlessly integrate with your website for a custom delivery platform. Save on third-party fees, uphold service quality, and be the hero of your guests' dining adventure.

Web Marvels with API

Seamlessly integrate your menu into your website with our API. Your online presence just got a dynamic upgrade.

Insights Unleashed

Unlock the power of Advanced Statistics & Insights. Dive deep into data, understanding your business dynamics like never before.

Automatic Reporting Revolution

Streamline your operations with Automatic Reporting. Get real-time insights into your performance, effortlessly and efficiently.

Swift Payment Symphony

Level up with our Online/Credit Card Payment Service (fees applied by the Payment services provider). Your funds flow directly into your account.

Paying option

Supercharge Your Experience with Optional Power-Ups!

Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface for an uninterrupted user experience. Please note, opting for this feature means the revenue sharing from ads will no longer apply, as ads won’t be visualized.

Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface for an uninterrupted user experience.
Ticket Printing Extravaganza

Bring your orders to life with Ticket Printing. Elevate your kitchen operations with organized, easy-to-read tickets for swift execution.

Screen Control Mastery

Visualize the order ready to pick up and in progress on a TV, enhancing the flow of your operations.

POS Integration Brilliance

Integrate with your Point of Sale system seamlessly. A synchronized business operation, ensuring efficiency in every transaction. Gear up for success with our optional services—because your business deserves nothing less than dynamic excellence!

*Addition-specific hardware needed, additional costs.

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