Booking and Reservation Module

Your Gateway to Effortless Scheduling and No-Show Minimization

Discover the unparalleled flexibility of Pindot’s Booking and Reservation module, seamlessly scheduling various services such as a soothing massage, a secure table for a special evening, a sunbed for a perfect day under the sun, a fresh haircut for a new look, or even a tennis court for some active fun. Pindot’s module caters to diverse appointments, offering advanced features like secure pre-payments and automatic reservation reminders. Say goodbye to no-shows and enjoy a seamless, tailored experience for every user

Join now to revolutionize your business operations and provide a tailored experience for your customers

the unparalleled flexibility of Pindot's Booking and Reservation module


Transform your business with Pindot’s Booking and Reservation module – an advanced solution that brings efficiency, flexibility, and control to your appointment and booking processes, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for your customers.

Zero Transaction Fees

Keep your earnings intact – no hidden charges or transaction fees to worry about being charged by Pindot. Service Payment Provider fee could be applied.

Pre-pay Power

Banish no-shows with our secure pre-payment option, ensuring commitment and a full house every time.

Guest Database

Your Gateway to Personalized Experiences Unlock the power of the Guest Database feature within Pindot's module – a revolutionary tool designed to transform every visit into a personalized journey. Say goodbye to generic interactions and welcome a world where every guest is recognized, valued, and remembered.

API Magic

Integrate seamlessly! Our API turns your website into a booking powerhouse, providing a slick online experience for your patrons.

Reservation Round the Clock

Time is no constraint! Let your guests reserve anytime, even beyond regular hours, offering unparalleled flexibility.

User Bliss Interface

Effortless and enjoyable! Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth booking process, pleasing both customers and staff.

Dashboard Delight

Stay in the know! A detailed dashboard gives you real-time insights into reservations, occupancy, and all the crucial metrics.

Insights Unleashed

Dive deep into data! Our advanced reporting features empower you to analyze trends, track performance, and make informed decisions.

Section Mastery

Manage with finesse! Our section management feature optimizes space, ensuring a seamless flow of operations throughout your establishment.

Ad Revenue Boost

Maximize your earnings! Showcase ads through our module and unlock additional income streams for your business. Experience the dynamism of Pindot's Booking and Reservation module – where simplicity meets power for unparalleled business elevation!

Custom Branding

Allow businesses to customize the appearance of their digital offering with their logo and branding colors for a more tailored presentation.

Supercharge Your Experience with Optional Power-Ups!

Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface for an uninterrupted user experience. Please note, opting for this feature means the revenue sharing from ads will no longer apply, as ads won’t be visualized.

Enjoy a clean, distraction-free interface for an uninterrupted user experience.

Paying option

Ad-Free Experience

Remove all advertisements for a cleaner, distraction-free interface.

Priority Customer Support

Provide premium users with priority access to customer support for quicker issue resolution.

Priority Feature Requests

Give premium users the ability to prioritize feature requests, ensuring that their specific needs are considered in the development roadmap.

Exclusive Features

Introduce premium-only features that go beyond the essentials, offering unique capabilities or advanced functionality.

Extended Storage and Data Retention

Provide more extensive storage capacity and longer data retention periods for businesses that require extended record-keeping.

Early Access to Updates and New Features

Offer premium users early access to the latest updates, enhancements, and new features before they are rolled out to free users.

Dedicated Account Manager

Assign a dedicated account manager to assist premium users with onboarding, training, and ongoing support.

Pindot's Reservation Module not only streamlines your operations but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation without any additional cost.

Unlock Profitable Bookings:

Free Reservation Module with Built-In Ad Revenue Boost

Step into a new era of reservation excellence with Pindot’s advanced module, featuring an Ad Revenue Boost entirely FREE! 

Revolutionize your booking and reservation system effortlessly, all while enjoying the added benefit of a revenue-boosting ad-supported interface. 

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