Entry Control and Gate

Entry Control and Gate Integration

Elevate your venue’s entry management to new heights with Pindot’s sophisticated Entry Control and Gate Integration module. Seamlessly control access, whether it’s a stadium, leisure park, movie theater, or a dynamic temporary event. Our system ensures a secure and efficient entry process, supporting diverse ticketing options, including QR code validation and integration with third-party gates. Pindot provides flexibility by allowing the installation of its own gate or seamless interfacing with third-party equipment. What truly sets Pindot apart is its adaptive platform, easily customized to match specific customer requirements. Read specific municipality cards directly at the gate, tailor access privileges, and transform the entry experience with Pindot – where control meets sophistication

To receive a tailored pricing plan and discover how Pindot’s Entry Control and gate Integration can transform your venue, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

Entry Control and Gate Integration module. Seamlessly control access, whether it's a stadium, leisure park, movie theater


Experience seamless access control with Pindot’s Entry and gate module, offering a comprehensive solution for secure entry management. Whether using our gates or integrating with third-party equipment, Pindot ensures a flexible and tailored approach to meet your specific needs

Features Access Control Mastery

Effortlessly manage and control entry to your venue with cutting-edge gate integration.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Validate tickets seamlessly through QR codes, ensuring a smooth and secure entry process.

Third-Party Integration

Interface with third-party gates for a seamless collaboration and adaptability to existing infrastructure.

Adaptive Platform

Easily customize the system to meet specific customer requirements, providing a tailored entry experience.

Municipality Card Compatibility

Read municipality cards directly at the gate, allowing for diverse access privileges and enhancing user convenience.

gate Installation Options

Choose to install Pindot's own gate or seamlessly integrate with third-party gate equipment.

Dynamic Ticketing Management

Manage various ticket types, including VIP entries, age-related reductions, subscriptions, and special guest conditions.

Anti-Fraud Mechanisms

Detect and prevent unauthorized entries with robust anti-fraud mechanisms, ensuring the security of your venue.

Temporary Ticketing Solutions

Issue temporary tickets for specific time spans, accommodating scenarios such as forgotten items or short visits.

Effortless QR Code Scanning

Users can add their entry tickets to their phone wallets for convenient and quick access.

Transform your entry management with Pindot’s comprehensive features, combining control, flexibility, and sophistication for an unparalleled user experience.

To unlock the full potential of Pindot’s Entry Control and gate Integration, and for a personalized pricing plan that suits your unique requirements, please reach out to us. Our experts are here to guide you towards a seamless and efficient solution for your venue